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£15.67    - 9 CARAT GOLD              - 9 CARAT GOLD PRICE PER GRAM £15.67             AT 7:12 am 5/12/2021            £15.67 - 9 CARAT GOLD

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Gold News Latest Gold Prices £1333.1900 Per oz

Platinum News Latest Platinum Prices £709.3600 Per oz

Silver News Latest Silver Prices £17.1500 Per oz

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Purity Weight £ Per Gram Total

Gold @ £1333.1900 per ounce Platinum @ £709.3600 per ounce Silver @ £17.1500 per ounce
DateTime Now: 05/12/2021 07:12:47 Date UPDATED : 05/12/2021
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The Golden Purse welcomes visits from interested trade customers. Our showroom is loacted in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and is open Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday 11am - 4pm. No appointment is necessary although to ensure that you have our full attention an appoitment is advised. Click here to make an appointment. Our showroom is within a ten minute drive from Junction 6 on the M6 and a twenty minute walk from Birmingham New Street train station.